Commercial Display: DS395

39.5 Inch powered by Android System

  • Original LCD, 1920*1080 HD Resolution, 350nits Luminance with full-view dispaly
  • Aluminum frame and MirageBlack process, 3mm Tempered glass protection, 20mm ultra-thin product thickness
  • Portable and foldable support design
  • Android 4.4.4 operating system, quad-core CPU, 1GB memory and 8GB flash memory
  • Support multi interface: HDMI, USB, Sd card slot…
  • Built-in wireless WIFI 2.4G and 4G module
  • Support Intelligent multi-screen display, play template is able to be edit
  • Optional rechargeable batteries, with 5h working time
  • Support to set the content difference per different hour and auto reset function
  • Remote control: edit digital poster per smartphone by any time any where
  • Large number of templates for reference
  • Interaction application support
  • Online sales management
  • VOD function
  • Widely used in the hotel, Shopping Mall, Finance Center, Bank, Airport, Office
  • Building, Exhibition, Digital Center, Station, Entertainment Venues

Digital Signage Application Scenarios

Hotel, Shopping Mall, Finance Center, Bank, Airport, office, Entertainment Venues, etc.

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