Bedside Medical Terminal: Handset

Bedisde Infotainment Terminal Handet designed for Clinical Environments

Medical Handset has been designed specifically for use in clinical environments which allow patients to call nurses, doctors as well as call their loved ones moreover, in the interest of better hygiene all the casing surfaces are covered with an antimicrobial synthetic film. All external parts are extremely resistant to a wide range of common disinfectants.
Bedside infotainment handset is lightweight and a user-friendly handset which is slim, attractive look with a soft keyboard. A further advantage of this handset is that the sturdy clip is fastened separately. If the handset should fall or even come into contact with water, the robust components and sealed casing will offer effective protection against damage to the electronics. Besides, It supports all Saintway Medical Terminals.

  •  Product size: 202mm (length) X50.4mm (width) X22.5mm (thickness)

  • Loudspeaker for hands-free conversation

  • Support Andriod/Windows/Linux Operating System

  • Support + VOIP call dialing functions 

  • Peripheral USB 2.0 Interface

  • Status Red, Green light 

  • Voice Switching betwenn host and telephone 

  • Support all Saintway Medical Terminals 

  • Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C

  • Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C 

Medical Infotainment Handset Application Scenarios

Lightweight and a user-friendly handset which is slim, Attractive look with a soft keyboard

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